Bonded Leather Wine Tasting Journal


Bonded Leather Wine Tasting JournalNever forget a wine.  The perfect gift for a wine lover and a wine taster.  Record every discovery in your wine journey.  That ’82 Bordeaux, ’94 Napa Cab, and 75 other wines you’ve tasted live on in this handsome journal from Italy. Jot your notes down on ivory-colored bond paper, and paste your wine labels as lasting mementos. Entry descriptors (vintage, taste, etc.) are in English and Italian. With burgundy bonded leather cover and gold ribbon marker. 155 pages. Can monogram up to three initials.

Entry descriptors for each tasting:


  • Name of wine
  • Denomination of origin
  • Vintage
  • Produced and bottled by
  • Area of production
  • Contents and degree of alcohol
  • Bought, date, price
  • Best served with
  • Tasting date, where, with
  • Appearance
  • Bouquet
  • Taste
  • Remark
  • Rating
  • Notes


Dimensions: 9-1/2″L X 7″W

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For The Wine Enthusiast