Electric Wine Opener & Preserver Set

What is an Electric Wine Opener?

It is described as a sleek and modern stainless steel design that is compact and faster functioning compared to previous models. It features a lighted battery life indicator display and is now fully automatic, eliminating the need for a button to operate it. By resting the opener on top of the bottle, it automatically removes the cork and ejects it from the device.

The best Electric Wine Opener now works without the touch of a button. A sleek, more modern stainless design is now more compact, faster functioning and comes with a lighted battery life indicator display. Best of all, it is now FULLY automatic. Simply rest on top of the bottle and the cork is removed and then ejected from the opener. The set includes the stainless steel charging storage base, two vacuum stoppers with day set ring, 6 blade foil cutters, aerating pourer and ac/dc adapter.

State of the Art technology effortlessly pulls and releases both natural and synthetic corks when placed on top of a wine bottle.


For The Wine Enthusiast