EuroCave Inspiration L Wine Cellar


EuroCave Inspiration L Wine CellarThe kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why wine lovers often choose to store their best bottles there.   Shared moments with friends and family, and the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine.  With clean lines, ergonomic curves, adds an understated elegance to your kitchen, complemented with an ease of use. Technical elements are concealed, the air vent is invisible, and the handles can no longer be seen.

This Wine Cellar comes in sizes XS, S, M, or L

  • Inspiration offers a choice of four cabinet sizes that can store from 17 up to 89 bottles!
  • Size XS has a maximum capacity of 17 bottles.
  • Size S is similar to “dishwasher” size and its maximum capacity is 30 bottles.
  • Size M is equivalent to an average-sized wine cabinet and its maximum capacity is 59 bottles 2
  • Size L is equivalent to a large wine cabinet and its maximum capacity is 89 bottles 2
  • You can store, display or stand your full or open bottles upright according to your requirements because Inspiration allows you the freedom to choose from three types of shelf!

Full glass door (fully glazed, without a frame), glass door with stainless steel frame, glass door or solid door specially designed to be fitted with front panels to match those of your kitchen units…

  • a wide choice of options to ensure your cabinet blends seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

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For The Wine Enthusiast