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PLONK Wine Clubs

At the Plonk Wine Club we specialize in bringing our customers an expertly curated selection of artisanal, hidden gem, boutique wines from around the globe. All of the rare and unique wines we feature in Plonk´s monthly wine clubs deliver an outstanding bang for your buck and drink like far more expensive bottlings. Plonk´s monthly wine club shipments often feature natural wines including those that are grown using organic methods, as well as wines made from local indigenous grapes that honor their specific place of origin.

Your curated wine journey begins with an expert selection of hidden gem, sustainably grown wines culled from every corner of the globe and delivered to your doorstep.

Mixed Wine Club
Our top-selling wine club, for those with a thirst for it all

Red Wine Club
Rare, naturally grown red wine discoveries in a kaleidoscope of styles

White Wine Club
Eclectic, sustainably grown white wines to expand your palate

For The Wine Enthusiast