Vivid Decanter & Aerating Funnel Set

Vivid Decanter & Aerating Funnel SetThe Vivid Decanter’s wide base aerates wine faster than other decanters.  Hand made in Europe from lead-free crystal it allows your wine to breathe in style. Its design fits our large wine decanter glass stopper. This beautiful wine carafe is lightweight, and easy to hold. The Vivid Wine Decanter makes a beautiful gift at a great value. We recommend washing by hand.

The Aerating Funnel & Stand is a great addition to the Vivid Decanter.  We’ve placed our Aerating Funnel with Removable Screen on its own storage stand to catch any drips. The removable screen filters sediment and cleans easily.  Stainless steel construction ensures no tainting or tarnishing.

Size: Decanter – 9-1/4″H, 47 oz.; Funnel – 3-1/2″H

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For The Wine Enthusiast