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  • 5 Buzz-Worthy Ways to Celebrate Pollinator Week

    Did you know that pollinators are necessary to produce two thirds of the food we consume? Pollinators are the animals that pollinate over 90% of all flowering plants and include bees, butterflies, birds, and more. Pollinators are threatened by habitat loss, disease, and pesticides, leading to drastically declining populations.

  • How to Build Your Vitamin & Supplement Regime, Just in Time for the New Year

    It’s about time to ring in the new year and let me be the first to say thank goodness! In 2021 we’re focusing on us! We’re bringing our minds and bodies back to balance, and what better way to do that than with the best vitamin and supplement regime to help put our freshest foot forward as we literally sprint into the new year, leaving 2020 in the dust? Here are our Vitamin & Supplement essentials.

  • How to Take Control of Your Birth Experience During a Pandemic

    If you’re expecting a baby in the next few months, you’ve been pregnant throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic. First, give yourself a pat on the back because this hasn’t been easy. You’ve probably had to let go of some of what you envisioned for your pregnancy, and perhaps you’ve started to think more about your upcoming birth experience.

  • How to Reduce Your Type II Diabetes Risk

    Approximately ninety of people that are diagnosed with diabetes have type II, and this number is only growing. Diabetes Canada estimates that by 2025, five million people (twelve percent of the population) will have diabetes.

  • 5 Game-Changing Bath Tips to Enjoy this Fall

    Fall brings cooler temperatures and with them a change in certain habits. It could be switching from iced to hot coffee, replacing t-shirts with cozy sweaters, more soups on the stove, and opting for relaxing baths over quick showers. There’s something about a hot bath on a cold fall day that has the power to melt away any stress. Below are some of my top ways to have a better soak this season, plus a few healing ingredients to soothe and rejuvenate skin.

  • The Ultimate 2020 Sunscreen Buying Guide

    Choosing the best sunscreen for you and your family is an important choice. You want a product that’s effective, natural, affordable, and if you’ve got little ones, you’ll want a sunscreen specifically formulated for their sensitive skin.

  • 7 Single-Use Plastics to Break Up with Today

    At Well.ca love hearing stories of people breaking up with plastic. And although we know it’s not always a seamless process, the Canadian government will soon be forcing this break-up upon us, with a mandate to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021.

  • 10 Protein Powder Recipes that Aren’t a Smoothie

    Smoothies are a busy girl's best friend. They're quick, nutritionally dense, easy to make with any number of ingredients, and can be taken on the go. But occasionally I find myself in a smoothie rut. I've cycled through all my usual favourites and the thought of another smoothie is just too boring! Fortunately, I've got a handful of delicious, non-smoothie protein powder recipes that I turn to whenever this happens.

  • Top Outdoor Activities for Adults

    Ah summer… warm weather, long days, and fun in the sun. As a kid, summer days were spent running through the sprinkler, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and doing cannonballs at the pool. But who says having fun outside is just for kids? Check out our favourite ways to have fun outside as an adult!

  • DIY At Home Facials

    Masking at home is a great way to step up your skincare routine and help target specific skin concerns!  With the arrival of spring, you may notice that your skin is beginning to purge, which may mean breakouts, bumpiness, or an increase in oil production.

  • Gut Health 101: The Role of FODMAPs & Gluten

    New wellness products and headlines emphasize our need to prioritize ‘gut health,” but what does that really mean?  “The gut” is another way to describe the millions of bacteria that reside in our small intestine and are responsible for various protective, immune-supporting mechanisms, such as regulation of inflammation and maintenance of normal digestion. Changes in the gut microbiota have been linked with chronic inflammatory diseases and may increase the risk of triggering autoimmune diseases.

  • Shop Local: 10 Brands We’re Loving Right Now

    Like many all over the world, we at Well.ca have really come to appreciate the importance of shopping and supporting our local communities. Whether it’s the farmer’s market down the road, convenience store across the street, or a family-run business a few provinces away, these are the companies, communities and people we want to uplift and support, especially in the light of the hardships the ongoing pandemic has brought to light.

  • New Innovative Plastic-Free Deodorant For Sensitive Skin from ATTITUDE

    Natural and effective deodorants are hard to find, especially if you have sensitive or reactive skin. That’s why ATTITUDE® decided to meet the growing demand for effective natural deodorants without baking soda. Wishing to offer a unisex solution with long-lasting protection to all people with reactive skin, ATTITUDE® now offers 4 variations of vegan deodorants for sensitive skin: an unscented version and three versions with subtle natural aromas.

  • What We’re Loving Now: Clinique Moisture Surge

    Hear from our Beauty & Skincare Buyer, Lisa, as well as Clinique Expert, Sara Whittaker on why they love the Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator! Have you tried it yet?

  • 8 Ways to Prepare for Post-pandemic Mental Health Resilience

    To prepare us all for the day we return to normalcy, MindBeacon developed an 8-step Pandemic Mental Health Recovery Plan to guide you through the journey back to normal life. They’ve taken the best of their professionally-created resources across their Therapist Guided Programs, tools and expert advice to create this space to help you face what’s to come and give you some ideas on what you can do today to make a change, invest in yourself and build a stronger mind.

  • Top 5 must-haves for your first BBQ of the season

    The sun is shining, the weather is getting warm, and we’re all itching to come out of hibernation and blow the lid off the first BBQ of the year! Honestly, after a long winter, we all deserve a great kickoff to summer. Throwing an epic BBQ is more than minding the grill and enjoying the sunshine - a few simple tweaks will elevate your gathering to legendary status

  • Unboxing The 2021 COOLA Newness | Well.ca

    We are so excited about the launch of new COOLA products this summer! Have you tried any of these new SPF summer staples? PRODUCTS FEATURED: COOLA SPF30 Full Spectrum Sun Silk Creme: https://bit.ly/3z9fCag COOLA Classic SPF50 Face Lotion: https://bit.ly/34XZHO0 COOLA Classic SPF30 Body Lotion Tropical Coconut: https://bit.ly/2T3UHEY COOLA Discovery Kit: https://bit.ly/3cr304v

  • How to Look and Feel your Best During Allergy Season

    As we head into summer, seasonal allergies are in full swing. Experts say that due to climate change and temperatures rising earlier in the year pollen counts have been especially high this spring, making seasonal allergy symptoms worse. High pollen counts, paired with spending more time outdoors is wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers across the country

  • Which UPPAbaby Stroller is Right for You?

    Being a new parent is hard work. Fortunately, thanks to UPPAbaby, picking a stroller doesn’t have to be! UPPAbaby is an innovative company with one mission: to make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of your new life as a parent. UPPAbaby draws on three decades of experience in the juvenile industry as well as their own par-enting experiences to deliver greater comfort and safety for baby, with convenience and style for Mom & Dad