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  • Spring and Summer Means Rosé Wines!

    Rosé is having something of a moment. Less than a decade ago, serious wine lovers dismissed our jeweled pink friends. Today, with so many of us spending extended hours at home, we find that a bottle of Rosé pairs seamlessly with cocktail hour, an afternoon on the sofa, weekend brunches, and everything in between.

  • An Exclusive - Willamette Valley: The Pinot Noir Barrel Auction!

    We have some very exciting news about 4 new exclusive Pinot Noir wines that we’ve been eagerly waiting to share with you, our valued Wine Club members, since 2016!

  • What is Wine Mouthfeel?

    If you hang around wine drinkers long enough, you’re undoubtedly going to hear a lexicon unique unto the wine world. Is the wine ‘linear’? Does it have ‘bite’? What about the finish? Short or long? One particular concept that helps drinkers judge wine quality is ‘mouthfeel’.

  • Pop! Culture: Wine Cork Crafts

    It is a truth historically demonstrated and universally accepted that the artist often finds inspiration at the bottom of a bottle...however, what if you could find that very same inspiration at the top?

  • Does Wine Freeze?

    Do you live in a place where the weather map drapes itself in swaths of purple and blue? Where salted roads and snow tires are a necessary part of your mid-winter wine delivery service? If so, it’s time to learn about frozen wine.

  • Beyond a Tasting Room: The Best (Unexpected) Places to Taste Wine

    Where can’t you buy a glass of wine these days? From vending machines to cat cafes, wine is finding its place on the shelf and in the hands of customers not seen in previous years.

  • Climate Change and the Expansion of Winegrowing Regions

    Global warming is a constant source of discussion these days. It has permeated every facet of our industry from carbon sequestration in vineyard soils to low weight bottles which require fewer gas emissions to produce. But as our global community attempts to tackle increasing challenges, what does climate change mean for the average consumer?

  • Wine & Chocolate: The Love Affair You Want to be a Part of

    Gold Medal Wine Club is here to help you make the perfect pairings as you craft your wine and chocolate gift basket for yourself, your girls, or your guy just in time for cupid and his arrow to make his own.

  • Happy National Chardonnay Day!

    Thursday, May 27, 2021 marks the tenth year celebrating this special wine day dedicated to lovely Chardonnay. Let’s have a quick break down of what exactly Chardonnay is and why it deserves its own special day!

  • Best Binge-Worthy Shows and Their Wine Pairing

    It’s easy to grab a glass of your favorite wine and turn on a series to binge, but here’s a fun way to switch things up! See what wine goes best with some of the most popular binge-worthy television series around and give them a try.

  • Let's Talk Mythology: Who Are The Gods of Wine?

    If you’re like me, you may often have a transcendental experience when you have a deliciously smooth red blend or delightfully acidic Chardonnay in hand. It’s almost like you’re holding the elixir of the gods in your hands...

  • What are Orange and Blue Wines?

    Aside from the better known red, white, and rosé wines, some new colors have been appearing and resurfacing recently, including orange and blue wines.

  • Why Do Wines Change Color as They Age?

    We’ve all heard or used the saying before, that someone or something has “aged like fine wine,” and there is a good reason the phrase exists.

  • Best Wine Serving Temperature

    You pick up a bottle of wine from your local grocery store or liquor store and you notice something, they are all kept at the same exact temperature.

  • Debunking the "Healthy" Wine Trend

    With so many fitness, weight loss, and health trends circling, it’s no surprise they have infiltrated the alcohol industry, more specifically the wine industry.

  • Happy National Pinot Noir Day!

    Who decided, when it was decided, and where it was decided that Pinot Noir Day would fall on August 18th is unknown, but what is known is that this incredible wine grape deserves a day dedicated to the celebration of it!

  • It's Sangria Season!

    With the kids all going back to school, weather heating up (a lot), and all the delicious summer fruits in season, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a refreshing glass of Sangria!

  • Foil Top vs No Top on Wine Bottles

    The wines in your shipments that do not have foil tops on the bottles, are perfectly ok. First of all, we want to assure you that this does not mean something is wrong with your wine.

  • Your Size Guide to Wine Pours, Glasses, and Bottles

    To those arguing if a standard glass of wine is 4 or 5 ounces, or whether a standard bottle has 4, 5 or 6 glasses in it, we are here to clear it all up for you!

  • One Year Later: Coronavirus and the Global Wine Industry

    The wine industry is just now publishing their annual wine production and sales reports for 2020. Retrospectives with asterisks. International producers faced different hurdles to move their wines to market under pandemic conditions, often facing strict government regulations and shifting policies as the scientific community learned more about COVID-19. Here’s a quick look at the pandemic’s impact on several major wine regions.