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  • 90+ Point Wines: What's in a Score?

    Promises of excellence beckon wine lovers whenever wine magazines and retail outlets splash around ratings of 90+ point wines. Today’s wide-spread use of wine scores may make it seem like rankings have been around forever, but it didn’t start out that way. Designed with the consumer in mind and popularized through mainstream wine marketing, understanding how the 100-point wine scoring system works can help you select quality 90+ point wines with confidence.

  • Top 10 Spring Wines

    Making their debut is our list of recommended top 10 best wines for Spring! Enjoy these wines (plus a few bonus suggestions) that are ideal for the approaching season.

  • What Makes A Wine Age-Worthy?

    Most wine is typically consumed the same day it's purchased. Only a small fraction of wine produced has the components to help it age gracefully.

  • What Is A Vegan Wine?

    At first glance, dietary notices on wine labels may seem a bit over the top, but for wine lovers who follow a vegan lifestyle and for everyone else who is naturally curious about wine, a vegan label offers clues about how the wine was made.

  • A Guide To South African Wines

    South Africa has a long and storied wine (or is it wijn) history. The first vines were planted in South Africa by the Dutch in the late 1650s, at the same time that Dutch merchants were draining the Medoc marsh in Bordeaux.

  • Wine, Decanted: An Inside Look Outside the Bottle

    So, you’re thinking of decanting your wine? Whether you’ve just poured your first glass or have poured over the literature for years, decanting is a practice, simple yet elegant, that can be done at home as well as in-house. Just select any one of those bottles from your Gold Medal Wine Club shipment and put that wine to work for you!

  • The Canned Wine Trend

    The wine industry is always looking for the next big thing and canned wine has been quietly growing in sales and popularity. And the quality of the juice? It’s getting better every day too.

  • Where Did The Wine Rating System Come From?

    95-point Chardonnay! 97-point Pinot Noir! 100-point Cabernet Sauvignon! Where did this whole rating system come from and when did it become a thing?

  • What Is A Blended Red Wine?

    Wine drinkers tend to gravitate towards what they know, and the wine industry has done a great job of marketing varietal wines. But what about blended wines?

  • Why Does Wine Taste Better In A Wine Glass?

    Let’s Talk about wine Physics, Baby! If you’ve ever wondered why wine glasses are so expensive (ahem, Riedel) and why you shouldn’t just pull out a red solo cup, the answer is: physics.

  • Petite Sirah vs. Syrah

    Lexicon(fusion). A case of wine or a case of mistaken identity? Discover the origins, descriptions, characteristics, and more of Syrah and Petite Sirah. Are they one in the same or actually different varietals?

  • Spring Vineyards: Field Grafting

    Early spring in the vineyard may seem like a quiet time, but this season presents grape growers the unique opportunity to make major changes to their crops. Grafting is the horticultural process of combining the tissues from two separate plants so that they grow together into one.

  • How Winemakers Select Wine Yeast

    All lovers of fermented foods - from yogurt to sourdough - enjoy the handiwork of yeast. Apart from deciding what grapes to use in a wine, decisions around yeast are arguably some of the most important a producer will make.

  • Wine Tasting At Home

    Wine tasting at your local winery, wine bar, or restaurant has been difficult these days. Many states still have restrictions in place but that doesn’t mean you can’t have different themed wine tastings at home!

  • Does Wine Go Bad?

    The wine in your glass exists in a temporary state, somewhere between grape juice and vinegar. All wine will eventually go bad, but there are a few tricks you can use to keep it fresh longer.

  • Wine Wear: The Unauthorized Wine Tasting Style Guide

    In a world and a time where options seem just short of limitless, it is safe to assume that there isn’t a person out there reading this who hasn’t asked or been asked the question: What should I wear? And, if you're a wine lover, the same goes for "what to wear while wine tasting?"

  • What are Whole-Cluster Wines?

    As Spring approaches and temperatures begin to warm up, many of us are seeking new wines to sip outdoors with friends. A good companion for patios and picnics may be a wine made via whole cluster fermentation. Many are easy to sip chilled, bursting with energy and freshness.

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Saint Patrick's Day doesn't really scream wine, but there's no need to choke down any green liquid this year! Any number of these wines would be a perfect addition to your Irish dinner.

  • Let's Talk Mythology: Who Are The Gods of Wine?

    If you’re like me, you may often have a transcendental experience when you have a deliciously smooth red blend or delightfully acidic Chardonnay in hand. It’s almost like you’re holding the elixir of the gods in your hands...

  • One Year Later: Coronavirus and the Global Wine Industry

    The wine industry is just now publishing their annual wine production and sales reports for 2020. Retrospectives with asterisks. International producers faced different hurdles to move their wines to market under pandemic conditions, often facing strict government regulations and shifting policies as the scientific community learned more about COVID-19. Here’s a quick look at the pandemic’s impact on several major wine regions.